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Benefits Of Using Mulch To Decorate Your Landscape

Select from a large choice of mulch available at Custom Grounds Landscaping to beautify the soil beds of your lawn and simultaneously improve the fertility of the soil. Mulches enrich the soil and fasten the growth of the plants.

Mulches are used mainly to enhance the look of your garden. They also serve as fertilizer to the soil provided the right amount is added. Trust our 35+ years of mulching experience to work for you when you want your landscape mulched and decorated.

Give Your Soil Bed A Refined Look

We have a variety of mulches with different colors to choose from. Keep the beauty of your garden alive with our quality mulch. Let our professionals decide the mulch that suits your soil the best because each type of soil has its unique demands.

Mulch is also a great way to lock-in moisture and reduce the growth of weed. To learn more about the usage of mulch, call Brian or Zach at 860-583-6550. Feel free to ask for a FREE estimate. We also provide landscaping, spring and fall cleanups as well as mulch delivery services.
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